It’s with great excitement that I present the newest release today on my label Midnight Funk Records. After a loooong vacation for the label and a rebrand, we are back with a whole string of releases. The first one is by myself and so will be the nextcouple of ones. To stay up to date about what’s going on with the label, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

The official release date for this release is 18 november. From that point you can get it everywhere online like iTunes, Spotify and Beatport. For now it’s available exclusive at Traxsource.

Release description
With ‘Do You’ Dennis Ramoon delivers a powerful house record with a strong underground vibe to it. The processed vocal chop that floats through the record creates a head bobbin’ effect that can’t be ignored. The stabby bassline cuts nicely and the huge synth stab on the first beat gets the adrenaline flowing. The continuous synth that comes in after the first break gives a great recognizable vibe to the record. The spacious effects are the icing on the cake that makes this record a real trip.